Before doing this Module I had never heard of Pinterest and now I am fascinated by the whole idea. It appeals to me very much. I can see how it could be a wonderful tool to stimulate, collaborate with and inspire students and teachers alike. Visual arts is one of my passions, I can understand why these types of Curation tools would be a great e-resource for the subject of visual arts.

A group of libraries that I located using Pinterest are the GoldCoast Libraries.

They have 12 branches and a mobile library service. They have pin boards for web resources for research and leisure.

The content curated is as follows:

16 Boards, 208 pins

  • Hot Reads – what is popular right now (fiction)
  • Hobbies and crafts
  • Libraries and related topics
  • Art, music and culture
  • Business and law
  • eaudiobooks and ebooks
  • Encyclopedias, Directories, reference
  • Family History
  • Games and fun
  • Health and medicine
  • Leisure and lifestyle
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Reading and Literature
  • Science and the environment
  • Social Science and History
  • Technology and computing tutorials

All the images of the actual resources had brief descriptions attached. I found this library resource pin board definitely stimulated interest in me and made me want to look more into this particular library. The visual element really helps me to remember information I have seen, as I am a visual learner. I found it very engaging.



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