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“Social media activities for school libraries” by Phil Bradley is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.


ETL402: Module 4 – Trends in Interactive Media for Children


These are my thoughts on an article by Amy Friedlander (2013).

Trend # 5: Apps with strong curriculum focus are on the rise

An increase in Apps with a strong curriculum focus is a positive trend (Friedlander, 2013, para. 11). Embracing these new and innovative ways of embedding and supporting the curriculum is an area in which TLs can be leaders by being knowledgeable, current and introducing these teaching and learning tools to the whole school community. The rise of Apps which have a strong curriculum focus provide new ways for TLs and teachers to think about effective and engaging teaching and learning tools. These teaching and learning tools may offer many valuable opportunities to support students learning and an engaging avenue to demonstrate student understanding (Lamb & Johnson, 2010, p. 76).

The impact on the TL’s role regarding these types of Apps will involve a clear evaluation and selection criteria (similar to that used for evaluating other digital resources for the collection). TLs will need to be aware of the costs involved and the fine print for conditions of use. Importantly, TLs will need to collaborate with teachers to make sure that the Apps being selected for use meet the specific learning needs of the school community and effectively support curriculum outcomes.


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