ETL402 – Personal Mastery: Strategies to increase professional knowledge of children’s literature


This is a list of some strategies that I could use in the future to increase my professional knowledge of children’s literature:

  • Read more widely – try reading children’s literature from many different genres, especially those that I would not normally choose
  • Talk to children and teens about what books they are reading and why they like these books, what would they like to see more of in the school library collection
  • Maybe survey students in the library about the fiction they like to read and why – what are their favourite genres
  • Use online tools such as WorldCat Genres to research the literature available for children and teens
  • Read reviews on children’s literature
  • Look at awards for children’s literature and what are the books receiving these types of awards
  • Look at the children’s literature sections in bookshops and in libraries – what is being stocked and collected
  • Talk to other TL’s about children’s literature and genres – pick their brains to gather information about possible books to look at and read

I’m sure this list will be added to as I progress to learn more in this subject.


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