ETL504 Module 5: Environmental tactic of STEEP


I am not currently working in a school library, so I am going to attempt to do my best by using my daughters school library as my example to consider the environmental tactic of STEEP.


  • Students are welcome in the library anytime.
  • The library is well used for lunchtime social and leisure activities, i.e. using computers, reading, puzzles, board games, research for projects and drawing materials are available.
  • It is used as a meeting place for information nights, SRC and P&C meetings.
  • Recently an important meeting place for kindergarten orientation.
  • The library is used to display student’s artwork and other examples of student’s work.
  • The library is also a safe haven for students (many younger ones) who find the playground overwhelming.


  • The library has 24 computers in the computer lab
  • Plans for the future: have the library and school connected with wireless broadband with the intention of buying mobile devices eg. laptops and tablets.
  • Another plan for future is to purchase ebooks and ereaders (tablets mentioned above) for the library collection.
  • These plans will bring the technological environment of the library more into the 21st century to meet students information needs and support the new curriculum requirements.


  • The library is part of the school wide recycling program.
  • A lot of the paper is used for the children’s worm farms and composting. Recycled paper is used for printing etc.
  • To lessen the carbon footprint, local businesses are used wherever possible for purchasing of print resources.
  • The library utilises as much natural light as possible, so that less lighting is needed.
  • Deselected print resources are either recycled or passed on to be re-used.


  • Fundraising for library needs is prominent.
  • The library receives adequate funding for resources, programs and services.
  • The P&C is organising fundraising to help purchase wireless broadband for school and mobile devices required.


  • The school recently had a change of Principal.
  • This Principal is a strong advocate for the library programs and services and the work that the TL does.
  • The TL is actively involved in curriculum development.

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