ETL501 – Topic 4: Searching


This was a very interesting and eye opening topic.

Activity 2 – using Noodle Tools

  • Selected Sweet search (from I need background on possible topics) – 20 results very relevant, excellent websites for teachers wanting to teach about volcanoes
  • Selected National Science Digital Library (NSDL) (from I need science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) research or sources) – search by grade level, subjects and resource format. Like this one . You could learn more about the resource: summary (subjects, education level, resource types, resource format, creator, language and publisher. Rights and restrictions for use (COPYRIGHT). What collection(s) it is found in

Activity 3
Using Google features

I already use Google advanced search and Google scholar. Yes this information does make a big difference to how I will search in the future

Activity 4
Judy O’Connell’s Knowledge 2.0 Livebinder

Visual thesaurus – excellent concept (presented in an interesting, unique way, easy to understand (great for visual learners like myself) 14 day free trial – to try before buy

Activity 5
I am guilty of not knowing how many search engines are available and using Google only. My eyes have been well and truly opened.

Activity 6
The Seven Habits site could be very useful for teaching students in secondary and probably upper primary (create a unit of work around these 7 habits)

Activity 7

  • Search engine: Kids Click / Keywords: discovery of gold in NSW / Hits: 0 / Not useful / disappointing
  • Search engine: AskKids / Keywords: discovery of gold in NSW / Hits: hundreds / very useful / some great sites for Year 6
  • Search engine: AskKids / Keywords: gold and NSW / Hits: hundreds / extremely useful / changing the keywords gave much better results
  • Search engine: Yahoo Kids / Keywords: discovery of gold in NSW / Hits: hundreds / fairly useful / a couple of useful sites for Year 6

I will be doing more research on this topic when I get the chance!


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