ETL504 Module 2: Don Tapscott’s 4 Principles of an Open World


How can these principles be applied to school libraries or teacher librarians?

Consider how this understanding of the 4 principles can support you in leading change at your school or in your school library?

1. Collaboration:
* TL’s can be leaders in initiating collaboration with principles, classroom teachers and students.
* TL’s can collaborate with teachers to integrate information literacy into the curriculum, be proactive in curriculum design
* TL’s can teach students how to collaborate with their classmates and teachers using the internet & social media tools such as diigo, Pinterest, wiki’s and blogs etc.

2. Transparency:
* TL’s can keep the school learning community abreast of what’s going on in the library and plans for the future by contributing to the school newsletter, creating a library website or blog. A library Pinterest board is another useful tool for keeping the school learning community updated

3. Sharing:
Educating the school learning community about creative commons and how we can think differently about intellectual property. Sharing our knowledge and intelligence, this is connected to collaboration

4. Empowerment:
* Empowerment through information literacy for all students. Teaching students the skills to be critical thinkers, so that they can create and become participants of the global digital community


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