ETL504 Module 1: Understanding of leadership (Leadership theory)


My understanding of leadership:

In my initial forum post about my understanding of leadership, most of the qualities that I listed fit into the transformational leadership theory described by Marzano, Waters and McNulty (2005). Which makes sense to me, as I certainly gravitate towards transformational leadership as the type of leader I would like to be. These qualities include:

  • Having a common goal
  • Harnessing strengths of others
  • Being approachable and a willing to listen
  • Model respect for others
  • Passionate about what they do
  • Motivates and inspires followers

I also lean towards all of the servant leadership characteristics according to Robert Greenleaf (as cited in Marzano et al., 2005, pp. 16-17), in particular being a good listener.

I have never been in a leadership role in a school, but I believe that I would probably display a combination of transactional and transformational leadership qualities when leading, if that is possible. But after reading the literature I would try to lean towards transformational leadership and believe it could be a very effective form of leadership for a TL.

Marzano, R. J., Waters, T., & McNulty, B. A. (2005). School leadership that works: From research to results. Retrieved from Ebook Library.


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