ETL401 – Topic 6


Library & Time Management

How can the TL make decisions about devoting time to aspects of library management:

  • Collaboration: Be a working member of a team, knowing when it would be more effective to work with another team member (Gilman, 2007, Introduction section, para. 3)
  • Be a good listener, listen to other staff members, students and parents (Gilman, 2007, Openness section, para. 10)
  • Be open-minded and flexible (willing to experiment)
  • Communicate with other members of the school learning community regularly, using different formats e.g. formal, informal face-to-face, email, library website, blog or wiki
  • Make time to plan the days activities (10 minutes a day). Using diary or making a list of things to do (“Effective time management”, ca. 2013, Zone 2 section, para. 2)
  • Be realistic – plan for distractions and interruptions (“Effective time management”, ca. 2013, Zone 2 section, para. 4)
  • Be realistic – know when “good enough is good enough” (“Effective time management”, ca. 2013, Unperfect section, para. 1)


Effective time management for teachers. (ca. 2013). Retrieved from

Gilman, T. (2007). The four habits of highly effective librarians. In The chronicles of higher education. Retrieved from


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