ETL401 – Information Literacy and Transfer


  • The teacher librarian (TL) can encourage students to transfer information literacy (IL) skills and practices by helping to create a “culture of transfer” (Herring, 2011b, p. 20) within a school. IL skills and practices need to be recognised and accepted by the whole learning community as essential for supporting curriculum goals (Herring, 2011a, para. 14). The TL can bring this to the attention of the Principal and teachers at staff meetings and curriculum development meetings. (Herring, 2011b, p. 20)
  • Collaboration with teachers is essential to continue to develop this “culture of transfer” (Herring, 2011b, p. 20) within a school. Collaborative partnerships between the TL and teachers will ensure that teachers know what IL skills and practices the TL is teaching and the TL can encourage the teachers to reinforce these IL skills with students. Collaboration is essential for the development of teaching strategies that encourage students to transfer IL skills and practices. This encouragement needs to come from both TLs and the teachers (Herring, 2011a, para. 15)
  • A learning environment where encouragement comes from both the TL and the teachers is more likely to have students that do transfer IL literacy skills and practices (Herring, 2011a, para. 14)
  • The TL can talk to students and gather information on the students views on IL skills and practices. The information gathered can assist in the development of transferring IL skills and practices amongst students. The TL can encourage teachers to talk to students, so that this information can be used as part of collaboration. TLs and teachers need to talk to students across all grades (Herring, 2011a, para. 21).


Herring, J. (2011a). Assumptions, information literacy and transfer in high schools. Teacher Librarian, 38(3), 32-36. Retrieved from

Herring, J. (2011b). Year seven students, concept mapping and the issues of transfer. School Libraries Worldwide, 17(1), 11-23. Retrieved from


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