ETL401 “Are school librarians an endangered species?”


The overall message communicated from the podcasts, was that school librarians are not an endangered species but more essential than ever. This need is influenced by the complex and changing information environment. The school librarian’s role is being redefined to meet these changes. Henry Jenkins talks about school librarians fulfilling the role of an “online mentor” to their students. This idea accentuates one of the vital roles of the school librarian. Essentially, being a leader in information literacy and helping their learning community with the overwhelming amount of information available. School communities look to school librarians to support and guide them in the most effective ways of finding, evaluating and using information to succeed in learning.


The American Association of School Librarians (Producer).  (Jan/Feb 2012). 30 Second thought leadership: Insights from leaders in the school library community [Video Podcast]. Retrieved from


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