ETL401 Topic 1: Searching and using CSU library databases


I found the experience of searching and using the library databases very useful. I felt excited about some of the new tools I learnt to use. I thought I had a fair grasp of how to use ‘primo search’ but I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.

New things I learnt:

  • There are folders to save items in the databases, this is fantastic and I have already started making use of it.
  • It was a new experience for me to set up a personal account in a database. I set one up in EBSCOhost and ProQuest.
  • The broadening and narrowing of advanced searches by using Boolean Operator, truncation and wild cards is very useful in developing searching skills.
  • The tutorials were very helpful – I find having a visual / verbal example works for me (as I am a visual learner) I definitely absorb and remember information better this way. This is something to be very mindful of in the future when teaching, the different learning styles that students will have and catering for these.
  • It was exciting to become more familiar with the databases that I will be using regularly, also to understand which databases are most useful and appropriate for this course.
  • The tools for refining searches are extremely useful (e.g. choosing e-books only, full-text items, or date specification). I didn’t realise I automatically have a folder in primo search, and that just clicking on the folder icon near the item will place the resources in my folder.
  • The difference between full-text and non-full text items.
  • It shows search history in primo search, this is great for me as I’m often distracted by life going on around me and then forget where I was and where was that interesting article

Overall, it is obvious that I have taken away a lot of very useful tools and information by doing this guided searching and using of the library databases. I now need to refer back to this information when I get stuck and use these tools regularly, so as to improve my library searching skills.

Marie-Lee Walker


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