ETL401 Introduction Forum – Changing information and library landscapes


The implications of the changing information and library landscape for the broader information profession are complex and many aspects need to be considered. The following points will explore a number of these aspects.

Implications of new information technologies:

• The influence and rapid growth of new information technologies is impacting greatly on the broader information profession.
• Changing information technologies such as: the internet, digital collections, mobile devices, e-books, e-readers and many other technological gadgets are changing readers and the way people search for information.
• With the changing nature of information technologies, information is everywhere; access is immediate, anywhere & anytime. Thus, libraries will need to find ways to accommodate these information seeking changes.
• Books and digital collections will need to share space in library collections, to reflect the needs and wants of the community.
• Librarians will need to become experts in using these new technologies.
• With the ever changing developments in the search world and the overwhelming volume of information available to people, librarians will need to become experts in helping patrons to identify and locate the highest quality information.
• Librarians can also help patrons to use this information effectively.
• The broader information profession has the opportunity to create new and exciting information experiences for their community.

Implications of the need for flexibility in the library landscape:

• Ideas for culture based libraries and experimenting with how to use the space in libraries to reflect the needs and wants of the community is important.
• The role of libraries will constantly change and adapt to the changing needs and wants of the community.
• As described by Thomas Frey (2013, section 12, para. 3), “A culture-based library is one that taps into the spirit of the community, assessing priorities and providing resources to support the things deemed most important.”
• Some really exciting examples of the possibilities for libraries to become the cultural hub for their community and experimenting with the creative space within libraries are discussed in the articles by Thomas Frey (2012) and Allison Berry (2012).
• Staying relevant to the community is an implication that will be increasingly important to the broader information profession in an environment of constantly changing technology and accommodating the changing needs of the community.
• The possibilities are endless.

Marie-Lee Walker


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  1. Wll done Marie-Lee, A nice clean looking blog. Good Web design says white text on a dark background reduces readability considerably. It is better to have black or dark text on a white or light coloured background. Something else to consider is colour. Did you know that at least 25% of the population (and this percentage may be higher) suffer from some form of colour-blindness. This includes red-blue and red-green colour-blindness which these people see as muddy brown. It is one of the criteria considered when checking a website for disability access. Overall this is a great site and well done. 🙂 BC

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